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Projects worth EUR 16 million financed by the Ministry of Science

Projects worth EUR 16 million financed by the Ministry of Science
Published date: 04.06.2019 14:57 | Author: Ministry of Science

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The Ministry of Science has published a brochure on the projects financed by the Ministry in the period from 2017 to May 2019. The period was marked by a significant number of projects that are of great significance for the progress of our society. In total, the aforementioned projects are worth EUR 16 million, of which more than EUR 11 million accounts for the financing by the Ministry of Science.

The brochure contains programmes and instruments through which the Ministry financed the projects such as innovative projects, scientific research projects, Horizon 2020, EUREKA programme, programme of participation in international infrastructures, IAEA, bilateral projects, as well as scholarships for doctoral research. The publication provides an overview of achievements during the two-year period, presenting the most important information related to projects such as the project proponents, the area of their research, the names of the projects and the amount of funds allocated for their implementation.

The Ministry of Science announces numerous calls for project applications each year, supporting the best-evaluated programmes. In this regard, the brochure aims to make visible projects financed through various instruments of the Ministry, with the intention of opening new channels of collaboration at the national and international level.

In the context of programmes supported, we are particularly proud of scholarships for doctoral research, which enable young people to focus their career on research work. By increasing the number of young scientists in the territory of Montenegro, we are building human capacities, which we need in order to create a knowledge-based society.

The Ministry of Science remains committed to stimulating scientific research activities, providing support to good and quality ideas, and financing those projects that are practically applicable in society.

The brochure is available