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Minister of Science - Sanja Vlahovic, PhD - Curriculum vitae

Sanja Vlahovic was born on 6 September 1973 in Bar. She completed primary and secondary school in Bar and Richmond College in London. She commenced her undergraduate studies at the Faculty for Management in Belgrade and continued her studies as a scholarship winner at the School of Economics in Dublin (Ireland) and Toronto (Canada).

After graduation in 1996, Vlahovic enrolled in a Master’s course in strategic management. During her postgraduate studies, Vlahovic undertook various specialist programs in Italy and Austria and in 1998 eventually obtained a Master’s degree in leadership.

Following her specialization in human resources management at universities in Italy, Canada, Ireland and Cyprus, in 2006 Vlahovic obtained a PhD in “Leadership as a Determiner of the Success of Contemporary Organizations”, which was presented before a commission headed by Dr. Momčilo Milisavljević, professor at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade.

As the first doctor of science in the area of leadership, Vlahovic has published a number of scientific papers in this field, some of which have been awarded internationally. Thanks to the award received for her contribution to scientific research in HR management in tourism, she became a member of the international jury for the best scientific paper in the field of management at the University of Bologna. Vlahovic graduated from the International Diplomatic Academy and the “Gavro Vuković” Academy in Podgorica with distinctions.

She has built her career in academic institutions in Montenegro and abroad. She teaches Strategic Management, Leadership and the Theory of Management at “Mediteran” University’s Faculty of Tourism in Bar, where she worked as dean from 2009 until her appointment as Minister of Science.

Vlahovic also teaches Entrepreneurial Leadership at the postgraduate study programme of the University of Montenegro’s Faculty of Economics, while at Singidunum University in Belgrade she teaches a PhD course in Tourism Business Systems Management. She has also been a visiting lecturer at universities in the Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Italy and the USA.

She has published a book entitled “Leadership in Contemporary Organizations” (by CID Podgorica), and was the reviewer of the Montenegrin edition of the book “According to Kotler” by the acclaimed author Phillip Kotler. Besides Kotler, Vlahovic collaborated with a number of renowned professors at George Washington University (USA), Rochester Institute of Technology (USA), London School of Economics, Trinity College, Dublin, etc.

Throughout her career, she has participated in major scientific research projects in Montenegro such as: “Analysis of the Success of the Hotel Industry of Montenegro” (as team leader in cooperation with Horwath Consulting); “Strategic Development of the Mount Durmitor Region” (with George Washington University); “Assessment of the Impact of Tourism on the Montenegrin Economy”; “Tourism Development Strategies in Montenegrin Municipalities” - for which she received an award. In 2008, “The Strategy for the Development of Tourism in the Municipality of Bar” was awarded the Wild Beauty Award as the best project.

Prior to her appointment as minister, she was the chairwoman of the Steering Committee of the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro, a member of the Board of Directors of the Atlas Hotels Group, as well as a member of a number of professional teams and bodies in Montenegro and abroad. She is the president of the Rotary Club of Bar and a long-term Rotarian. She has initiated and participated in a range of humanitarian projects in our country and has been honored with the most prestigious award of Rotary International – a “Paul Harris Pin” for her outstanding contribution to humanitarian work.

She speaks English and Italian fluently, and uses French moderately.

Sanja Vlahovic has one daughter - Darja.