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Workshop held on financial management of H2020 projects

Workshop held on financial management of H2020 projects
Published date: 30.10.2019 09:41 | Author: Ministry of Science

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On Tuesday, 29 October, the Ministry of Science organised a workshop on financial and administrative aspects of participation in H2020 projects, intended for accountants, financial managers, administrative managers and researchers on current and future H2020 projects in Montenegro. 

Ministry of Science  
The topics covered by the workshop included: compliance and additional requirements of the H2020 rules in relation to standard accounting practices; types of expenditures by budget lines; eligible and ineligible expenditures; calculation of salaries and expenses of persons engaged in the projects; record-keeping during implementation and reporting in financial statements; different categories of project personnel; good management of travel, equipment and other expenses and indirect costs – rules, cost justification, required records, etc.

The workshop was attended by more than thirty representatives of universities and other organisations, who carefully followed the presentation and actively participated in the discussion by posing numerous questions and pointing to dilemmas. During the workshop, many of the concerns raised that are encountered in the financial and administrative management of the projects were eliminated. After the presentation, the participants also had a practical part (exercises), in order to get acquainted with the rules of financial management of H2020 projects on specific examples.

Ministry of Science  Ministry of Science 

The workshop was conducted by Ms. Marija Šola Spasić, Financial Manager at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Belgrade and Head of the EU COST BESTPRAC project working group:, which deals precisely with the aforementioned aspects of project work.